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Pendulum investigates the multifaceted truth of the work migrants, who are travelling regularly between Finland and Estonia. The underlying narrative of the work is based on the interviews done with the commuters, documentary photographs on the ferry, and anthropological debates on migration. Based on the Foucault concept of heterotopic spaces created by the notions of utopia and dystopia, Pendulum project juxtaposes the reality of the passing time on the ferry with the imaginative processes one starts to experience on routine habits.


If only it would be possible to know...

where are we swaying now - in infinite freedom or chained to horizon? 


An hour to travel from A to B becomes two hours to get back from B to A,

which becomes eight hours within a month,

which becomes ninety-six hours within a year. 

But this is when one is lucky to travel for one hour from A to B. 


A to B

approx. 4h 45min

approx. 23 550 heartbeats

1 muna pilt.jpg

A ferry, or a teleportation machine, as they call it /

could be a non-place and a non-space /a vessel /

an island in the middle of vastness.

A place where time, location and personalities transform after a brief two and a half hours.

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